Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sugarsweet & Cremesheen Haul

My Sugarsweet lippies came today. And i was both delighted and disappointed. Firstly, i was happy cause the colors are as cute as i though they'd be. I love the packaging. BUT then the disappointment kicked in. These things are TINY. In comparison to the lipglass's, the difference is 1 oz. But, you'd think for the extra 3 + change your shelling out, you'd get more product! I guess not.

Product(s) purchased:
Mac Just Dessert Tricolor Lipglass
Mac Consume Me
Tricolor Lipglass
Mac Simply Delicious
Tricolor Lipglass
Mac Triple-Yum
Tricolor Lipglass
Mac Melt in your Mouth Cremesheen Glass

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