Thursday, April 30, 2009

FOTD: "Meet the Browns"

Okay scariness!! I just uploaded my FIRST video ever. It's kinda scary. It was an entry for Angelamarie292 1st contest. I did mine based off her "Meet the Browns" tutorial. My fav tut of her. I did mine kinda on the light side. Which i think will bite me in butt when it comes to her choosing the winner. But, oh well.

Also I had to record it with my lame webcam, cause my bf forgot to change the batteries in my camera. So, all in all, my first try at a live tutorial SUCKED!!! :o(

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FOTD: "Taupypurp .. no way"

Hi everyone! So I decided to try out the Anna Sui lipstick gloss that I got. And honestly I am the biggest wuss when it comes to color on my lips. I only either do chapstick, gloss, or once in a blue moon red lips. But then Ever so Rich cremesheen glass came out & everyone pairing it w/Lavender whip. It looked so pretty. So of course by the time I decided to buy the 2, they were SOLD OUT. Of course. Grrrrr. I'm kicking myself cause ESR & Petite Indulgence are the only cremesheen that I DON'T have. But, the latter is whatever to me. I 'd never wear it.
This is a very simple look I know.
And be warned: Silly faces below

Products used:
Benefit "Birthday Suit" cream shadow
Mac "Apres-Ski" e/s
Mac "Satin Taupe" e/s
Mary Kay "Coper Beach" e/s
Mac "Shroom" e/s
Smashbox "Fan Club" shadow liner
Mac "ZoomBlack" mascara

(face & lips)
MUFE Mat Velvet+ foundation
Bare Minerals "champagne diamond radiance" f/c (used as blusher)
Anna Sui "303" gloss lipstick
Benefit Brow Zings

Nordstrom Exclusive: NARS Palette!

OMG! Thanks to the wonderful Krasey blog I just found out that Nordstrom is getting an exclusive palette by NARS!!! I LOVE, love, love NARS, they're my fav m/u brand BY FAR! I can't wait to get my grubby hands on this!
Are any of you as excited as I am?? You better be. ;)

Introducing the NARS Modern Day Love Palette, a Nordstrom exclusive that hits stores in May and will retail for $50.

Shades included:

- Alhambra (top left) Metallic Rose Mist
- Jezebel (top middle) Shimmering Sable
- India Song (top right) Shimmering Walnut
- Tokyo (bottom left) Soft Silver-White
- Habanera (bottom middle) Sparkling Charcoal-Plum

- Pandora (bottom right) Matte Black

Source: Krasey Beautiful via Butterfly Diary

Friday, April 24, 2009

Haulage: Benefit, Smashbox, OPI, Anna Sui + Mac

Here are a few additional things i managed to pick up this week. Most is from the Sephora sale. The polish is from a OPI manufacturer that my aunt & I happened stumbled upon. And since my aunt is a working makeup artist we were able to get a real good discount on the stuff. And had i not only had cash on me, i would of got a TON more stuff. Cause opi is my fav polish brand. I was just happy that i got the "rapid dry" for a real good price. It usually retails for over $10 bucks... yikes! i know. I also shopped at All Cosmetic Wholesale. Youtube guru's Michele1218 & Mel for Makeup both swears by it, so i decided to get some things from there. I got the Smashbox gel liner, Mac lipgelee, and the Anna Sui lipstick. yes, i decided to jump on the lavendar l/s bandwagon. I'm not sure if its for me, yet, but hey i only paid $2.99 for it.

Products purchased:
Benefit Girls Night In - Includes: "Skinny Jeans" & "Birthday Suit"
Creaseless Shadow/liner; "Lady's Choice" Lipstick & Shadow liner brush + 3 collectible magnets
Benefit "R.S.V.P." Creaseless Shadow/liner
Anna Sui "303" Gloss lipstick
Mac"Lust is Lush" lipgelee
OPI Rapid Dry Spray
OPI "Brights Power" & "Breathe Life"
Smashbox "Fan Club" Shadow Liner
Smashbox #8 & #12 double ended brush

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Urban Outfitters: Free Shipping




YAY! I know this is no big thing. But I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS. And i know some of you people out there must love them. And might i mention, some of my fav clothes are from there. And the one purse i use almost daily, out of the 50 i own, is from there. And usually, IMO, there shipping is uber expensive. So when i saw this i had to post it. ENjoy!

FOTD: "Martini with 2 olives, please!"

It's gonna be 2am. I can't sleep. So, i decided to play around with some makeup. I was looking around and saw Mac's"Night Light" pigment hiding wayyy in the back in my e/s drawer. Its one of those colors that i bought on total impulse and used like three times (at MOST). So i decided to create a look around it. I also used "Buff" blush another thing i NEVER use. Here's what i came up with.

And p.s. sorry that i look soo pissed in these pictures, its just that i can't sleep and i've been up since WICKED early in the a.m.

Product(s) used:
Ofra green & yellow concealer (as bases)
Mac "Sharkskin" shadestick (outer lid base)
Stila "Fandango" duo - lime green side
Mac "You're Fresh" e/s
Mac "Night Light" pigment
Mac "White Gold" pigment
Mary Kay "Copper Beach" e/s <<-- one of my fav e/s of ALL time :)
Mac "Danger Zone" e/s - black side
Mac "Mystery" kohl pencil
Mac "ZoomBlack" mascara
Bare Minerals foundation
Mac "Belightful" p/powder
Mac "Buff" blusher
Benefit brow zings
Burt's Bees chapstick
Mac "Fresh Brew" lipstick
Mac "Wet, Wild, Wonderful" plushglass

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Jab, Strong, Fierce" ... I'm there ;)

Okay so verdicts in.... and no Vegas in April for Jackie. Boo... :( But, its not my fault. Here's the breakdown: My bf is really into the gaming world. And the current fav is: Street Fighter 4. And he got sent the invite notice for the above event at Nucleus this Saturday. It's gonna be held at the local gallery in Alhambra, CA (which I'm love with, btw they have the best stuff). So we both decided to skip on Vegas this month and postpone till july. That gives me MORE time to save some mooolah, and which means he's going to work today (wednesday). Get my drift... muhahahah (evil laugh inserted there). So if anyone will be in the area or has a bf or gf interested the sf4 stop over there. There's always free refreshment at an opening reception + an awesome dj, spinning those beats. It's a real cool place. If you do go, don't be afraid to holla at a girl. I'll the one w/the bright nail polish on! :) :) :)

This Saturday: Jab, Strong, Fierce - A Street Fighter Tribute Show
We're only days away from our super-anticipated event: JAB, STRONG, FIERCE! Over 40 artists are participating in this exhibition by creating one-of-a-kind Street Fighter influenced art that all Street Fighter, video game, and art fans will enjoy.
  • You can join in the festivities for FREE!
  • Free raffle tickets to the first 100 guests ($1 a ticket thereafter) for a chance at great giveaways.
  • Come in costume and receive 15% off any store item and/or sign up for our Cosplay competition for a chance at prizes provided by our sponsors.
Other special features include:
  • SF4 TOURNAMENT with $500 Grand Prize. Sponsored by EVO (details).
  • Free refreshments served.
  • Music by Ronikus.

Sponsors: Capcom, Udon Entertainment, Cha For Tea, Coin-op TV, I am 8-bit, and EVO.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Collective Haul and some major venting!

Here is some stuff I've picked up randomly throughout the week. I talked about it a bit in my previous post. It's not much, i know. Cause like I've been saying: i need to SAVE FOR VEGAS. Uggggh! If my bf finds out, i think he's gonna really gonna postpone the trip. We're supposed to leave this Friday. And what makes it worst is that i have stuff coming in on Wed & of course he's not going to work that day. Yikes!! So when up ups shows up..... i don't think I'll be able to hide it. Should i tell just him now, and save me the trouble? He really likes us (me) to save cause when I'm there, and yes just ME, i go BERSERK. I can't resist those outlets. Can anyone?? Here's the breakdown: On the way, we stop at indoor mall, the one next to the Buffalo Bills thing-y. And then before we leave we go to the outdoor outlet place. I dunno. I really want to go in April cause it won't be as hot as it usually is, when we go, in July. I'll see what happens.... I'm in a bad spot. Whatever, now on to the goodies :)

Products purchased:
Nars "Mata Hari" Blusher
Mac "Shimmermoss" e/s
Mac "Fashion Scoop" & "Creme Anglaise" cremesheen glass <<< :) Express turquoise knit sweater Old Navy summer dress

Friday, April 17, 2009

FOTD: "Purple Violets"

Nothing special going on as of late. Just buying a few things here and there. The most notable thing i got was 2 more cremesheens!!! YAY! I don't know if anyone has caught on, but I LOVE THEM. They're my fav. I'm only missing 2 now. I'll find & get them somehow.

But anyways i was watching the movie "Purple Violets". I thought it was really good, except for Selma Blair. I don't really like her as an actress. She sooo "blah". And thought i'll base a look off the title name, and make it an inexpensive look. I tried. Thats about as much as i'm gonna say :)

Product(s) used:
Ofra purple concealer (as base)
L.A. Colors "periwinkle" Chic e/s palette (lid & inner tear duct)
Stila "Vieux Carre (purple side)" e/s duo (crease)
Mac "Prankster" e/s (outer v)
Splash Cosmetics "Dolphin's Kisses" eye sparkle (browbone only)
NYX "Cream Cheese" e/s (highlight)
Mac "Circa Plum" pigment (lower lid)
Sephora "Lagoon" eye crayon (as eyeliner & waterline)
Mac "Smoke Signal" pigment (on top of lagoon pencil in waterline... is that safe?)
Mac "ZoomBlack" mascara

(lips & face)
face: nothing.
lips: Mac "Creme Anglaise" cremesheen glass :) :) :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scented Nail Polish? Yes, please!

Just in time for summer, Revlon releases "Fruitful Temptations", a limited-edition collection of scented nail polishes. Each shade has a matching fruit fragrance.

"The 8 shades are inspired by the freshness of exotic summer fruits and infused with succulent tropical scents. Each fruit shade has a matching fruit scent when the enamel is dry."

Available in Coconut Crush, Mad About Mango, Pretty In Papaya, Sublime Strawberry, Raspberry Rapture, Mon Cherry, Passionate Fruit, and Not So Blue-Berry.

FOTD: "Bronzed Surabaya"

This is my favorite look as of lately. I have worn it 3 times already, including the 2 times last week. It reminds me of summer :)

and p.s. please excuse the dryness of my skin. Its this damn changing weather....

Product(s) used:
Nars "Surabaya II" e/s (lid & middle, lower of lashline)
Mac "Melon" pigment (crease & inner, lower lashline)
Mac "Patina" e/s (outer v, blended into outer, lower lashline)
NYX "Cream Cheese" e/s (highlight & inner tear duct)
Cover Girl "Black Brown" perfect blend pencil crayon (waterline)
Mac "PlushBlack" mascara
Mac Studio Stick foundation
Ofra Concealer
BE mineral veil
Benefit Brow zings (eyebrows)
Nars "Deep throat" blusher (used w/a very light hand)
Burt's Bees chapstick
Mac "Marquise D" lipstick
Mac "Soft Wave" lipglass

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M Spring ‘09 Collection

Here are two images from the upcoming Matthew Williamson for H&M ad campaign featuring Daria Werbowy. I’m loving all the bright colorful pieces, so fun for Summer. I'm definitely going stock up on my wardrobe with this collection. From May 14, the Summer collection will be available in around 1600 H&M stores worldwide.

In the meantime the Spring 2009 Collection [Part 1] will be released on April 23rd in the following U.S. Stores. Mark your calendars!

Atlanta: Atlantic Station, 231 18th St.
Boston: 100 Newbury St.
Chicago: 840 North Michigan Avenue
Los Angeles: Beverly Center << ME + WALLET = THERE :)
New York: 34th and Broadway
New York: 51st and 5th
New York: 59th and Lexington
San Francisco: 150 Powell St.

Source: youtube; nitro:licious

Sunday, April 12, 2009

FOTD: "Smokey Nautical Blue"

Went shopping for an Easter outfit today and this is what i wore. I didn't have enough time to finish cause the bf was calling me. So i snapped a few pics, then i just added sunscreen in the car. And i just pulled out the first pink lipgloss i saw. Then ran upstairs :)

Product(s) used:

Mac "Sharkskin" Shadestick (lid base only)
Nars "Night Flight" e/s (lid & lower, outer 1/3 eye)
Mac "Bell Bottom Blue" pigment (crease & lower, middle 1/3)
Mac "Wisteria" e/s (brow bone & blend w/lower existing e/s)
Stila "kajiki" e/s duo ... the navy color (outer v of lid)
No name pale white blue shimmer e/s (highlight & tear duct)
Sephora brand "Lagoon" eyeliner (waterline)
Mac "ZoomBlack" mascara

(Lips & Face)
face: just sunscreen, nothing else... can you see that discoloration.. yikes
lips: Mac "Just Dessert" tricolor lipglass

eyebrows: Benefit Brow Zings

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haul: Essie, Orly, Color Club + China Glaze

YAY! It came yesterday: Essie's Northfolk Collection. I got 2 of the 3. I also got 2 of the Orly Prepster Collection, and 1 of the Color Club Electro Candy Collection. I also got Agent Lavender from China Glaze's Operation Colour Collection. I don't really like China Glaze, but I really wanted a pastel purple color for Easter.

Product(s) Purchased:
Essie: Mesmerize
, Sag Harbor & Greenport
Orly: Country Club Khaki & Cashmere Cardigan
China Glaze: Agent Lavender
Color Club: Ultra Violet

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love from Iyah

Iyah (aka "As pink as my Juicy") was having a make-up sale. I got this a while ago. I just forgot to post, till i looked through my memory card on my camera. So.. anyways, i spotted some things i wanted. 2 lippies. Both from collections i pretty much passed on. Except for 1 e/s from the neo-sci fi. So when she posted these, i jumped on it. And let me say that she is the nicest person ever! She and i both talked back and forth. We talked about the upcoming IMATS. She wanted to know if i was going. I SAID YES!!! I won't miss it. And other stuff. So hopefully we'll meet up and greet. She said that there's a bunch of bloggers that are gonna meet up and roam!

I got my tickets, have you! Oh, and she threw in the mini perfume, it smells soo good! So thanks girl! :)

Buy Gwyneth Paltrow's clothes!

Gwyneth’s selling off some mind-blowing, probably barely worn, stuff including a handful of Chanel bags, dresses from Balenciaga, Michael Kors, tops from Helmut Lang and Marni, Prada, Proenza and Vivier shoes.

Clothes are in the 4/6 range, shoes are size 8.5/9, bags are for everyone and prices are insanely low at the moment- $62 for the Proenza shoes, $146 for the Balenciaga dress.

Profits from the auction go to Robin Hood Foundation, a New York charity that targets poverty within the city. So say what you will about Gwyneth, but you know you’d get a kick out of owning her particular Burberry studded sandals via charity.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rogue Unlimited! New from Shu Uemura!

Here is some information with you about a new collection of bright, vivid and pure pink lipsticks and glosses Shu Umera has launched for this month (April).

Rouge Unlimited Pink Collection – APRIL

- A series of lipsticks and glosses made with a Pink Hybrid Pigment, one of the purest pink pigments ever discovered and patented by Shu Uemura.

- New and unique shades of pink that have never been seen before!

- Shades range from never before seen light, yellowish, dark and bluish pinks.

- 9 shades of Rouge Unlimited Lipstick and 5 shades of Gloss Unlimited

Source: sephora, shu uemura

Friday, April 3, 2009

FOTD: Teal w/ a hint of Easter

Here my lame attempt at a "cut crease". It was all good till i added the brown color shadow to the outer crease. So i just blended that sucker together. Booo. I wasn't sure of whether to post or not, cause my face is Über dry.
I'm also putting up a Easter look i did a couple days ago. But beware: its very blush-yy.

Products used: (teal)
NYX "Cream Cheese" e/s (lid to brow)
MAC "Teal" Pigment (crease)
Nars "Blondie" e/s (outer crease)
Mac "Steamy" e/s (lower 2/3 lid)
Mac "White Gold" (lid & lower 2/3 lashline)
Nars "Goldmember" c/b (highligher & inner tear duct)
Mac "Mystery" kohl eye pencil (waterline)
VS HD Mascara
(face & lips)
Mac Studio Stick foundation
Nars "Deep Throat" blush
Mac "Simply Delicious" tricolor lipglass

Products used: (Easter look)
Ofra green concealer (as base)
Stila "Fandango" e/s duo (lime green color to lid only)
Mac "Wisteria" e/s (crease & lower lashline)
Mac "White Gold" pigment (highligher)
Mac "You're Fresh" e/s (inner tear duct)
Mac Plush lash mascara
Beautique "White" e/l (waterline)
(face & lips)
Bare Minerals foundation
Nars "Orgasm" blush
Nars "Stolen Kisses" Lipgloss
Mac "Spring Bean" Lustreglass

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nars Summer 09 Collection Available Online!!

Nars Summer 09 Collection. I ordered, are you??

Collective Haul: Nars, Mac & Smashbox

I went shopping this weekend. I went mainly for clothes, but since i broke my eyelash curler, i had to get another one. So i went over to the Nars counter, and i bought, then i went over to Sephora. I even stopped at the MALet's just say it was a bad weekend for my wallet. I even had to stash the makeup bags into my bags of clothes, so my bf won't see them. I'm supposed to NOT be spending & SAVING for vegas....

Kate Moss for Topshop almost here...

Kate Moss' highly anticipated 2009 Spring line for Topshop will be here on Thursday, April 2nd 2009. Here is a sneak peek at her collection. Courtesy of IMO.
Source: Topshop