Thursday, April 30, 2009

FOTD: "Meet the Browns"

Okay scariness!! I just uploaded my FIRST video ever. It's kinda scary. It was an entry for Angelamarie292 1st contest. I did mine based off her "Meet the Browns" tutorial. My fav tut of her. I did mine kinda on the light side. Which i think will bite me in butt when it comes to her choosing the winner. But, oh well.

Also I had to record it with my lame webcam, cause my bf forgot to change the batteries in my camera. So, all in all, my first try at a live tutorial SUCKED!!! :o(


Kastina said...

I've been trying forever to get my makeup to blend. UGH!!!!!!! Way to go for you though.

Oh and WAY WICKED AMAZING web design here.

.jackie.jaci. said...

Thanks for your kind words. And the trick to blending is: practice ;)