Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OPI España (Spain) Collection - Fall 2009

First off, thanks for Scrangie for giving us all the heads up! Thanks girl! ;)
The best news in the world: Emelie at P'ssion has released promo pictures of the new OPI Fall collection! It's called "OPI Espana collection" YAY! All the colors look so pretty. I think I'm gonna end up buying them all!!!!! No joke. And as being half spanish myself, this collection is all the more sweeter! Also at her blog, are released promo pictures of the winter collection by OPI. Link below.

Like Scrangie, i am more excited about the espana collection!
Barefoot in Barcelona, Can You Tapas This? Give Me Moor!
Pink Flamenco, No Spain No Gain, Ate Berries in the Canaries.Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow, Manicurist of Seville.
Pamplona Purple, Conquistadorable Color, Bullish on OPI.


Make up madness said...

wow cant wait to get my hands on these nail polishes. i love the green one and the purple one, i just became a follower, please check my blog out, http://www.mylittlemakeupcorner.blogspot.com/ and follow if you like thanks

Whit said...

ooo how exciting!! i want those purples! the names are too cute!

.jackie.jaci. said...

@whit: i know! those purps are gorgeous! And the browns... i'm a sucker for brown-y tones!

.jackie.jaci. said...

@Makeup madness: Thanks for subbing! i will def go check out your blog. ;)

Orquidea said...

Oh I'm with you! I'm def. getting ALL the colors I'm sooo excited ;)