Sunday, April 19, 2009

Collective Haul and some major venting!

Here is some stuff I've picked up randomly throughout the week. I talked about it a bit in my previous post. It's not much, i know. Cause like I've been saying: i need to SAVE FOR VEGAS. Uggggh! If my bf finds out, i think he's gonna really gonna postpone the trip. We're supposed to leave this Friday. And what makes it worst is that i have stuff coming in on Wed & of course he's not going to work that day. Yikes!! So when up ups shows up..... i don't think I'll be able to hide it. Should i tell just him now, and save me the trouble? He really likes us (me) to save cause when I'm there, and yes just ME, i go BERSERK. I can't resist those outlets. Can anyone?? Here's the breakdown: On the way, we stop at indoor mall, the one next to the Buffalo Bills thing-y. And then before we leave we go to the outdoor outlet place. I dunno. I really want to go in April cause it won't be as hot as it usually is, when we go, in July. I'll see what happens.... I'm in a bad spot. Whatever, now on to the goodies :)

Products purchased:
Nars "Mata Hari" Blusher
Mac "Shimmermoss" e/s
Mac "Fashion Scoop" & "Creme Anglaise" cremesheen glass <<< :) Express turquoise knit sweater Old Navy summer dress


Rai said...

Nice haul! I like that eyeshadow.

.jackie.jaci. said...

thanks, hun! I agree it's a very pretty color! :)

Iyah said...

Ohh girl, I know what you mean about spending! X( I feel like I spend too much on stuff I dont really need :(

Shimmermoss is pretty! Love that e/s :) Reminds me of Talent Pool and Zonked Bleu :)

jess said...

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PinkyKathy said...

I love Fashion scoop one, very very pretty. ^_^

pls visit my blog if you have time. I just get started.

.jackie.jaci. said...

@PinkyKathy: i know i'm really loving fashion scoop right now! Its my most used gloss a.t.m. :)