Thursday, June 14, 2012

Urban Decay / Mario Badescu

Went to Ulta today, for the first time I might add (yay!) and picked up 2 things that I've been meaning to try out. Now  have only read reviews and such. But I decided that I should give it a go, and whats the worst that can happen....

Maybe I shouldn't say that, cause things could go horribly wrong.
With that being said, I might do a review or an update how they've been working.
And as an f.y.i. my skin is incredibly sensitive, oily, and acne prone... whewwww. Sux to be me I know!!

On another note I have been doing a bit of shopping so I might put together a collective haul. Its going to mainly be clothes, nail polish and some other bits that I am super excited about.
Also I am going to San Diego this weekend to hang out with some friends, I might do some vlogging... 

W E . S H A L L .  S E E.

Till next time...

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