Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new HG!!

My skin has been acting up lately. Since the late November. And real bad

I was reading lollipop26's blog and i was totally sympathizing her cause the same thing was happening to me. The same type of acne, too. But unlike her i wasn't using biotin. Mine was happening cause........... well i still can't figure it out. But anyways, i been trying EVERYTHING to get rid of it. I got Philosophy's On a clear day H2O2 and BE's Rare Minerals blemish therapy. I even tried that damn toothpaste thing and the aspirin mask. They either made it worst or did NOTHING at all. Until i stumbled upon a blog thing called "Ask Meta Filter" and they recommended Burt's Bees Blemish Stick. And i got it 3 days ago and its already making my face go back to NORMAL.

So if anyone is dealing with cystic acne, definitely give THIS a try. If this worked for me, and let me tell you i have very sensitive skin, and very acne prone skin, it WILL work for you. Well that just my opinion anyways.

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