Friday, September 18, 2009

FOTD: Concert Series - "Blackend Red"

I'm back! Hi, everyone :) Okay so this is gonna be the first of a concert series that I'm gonna do. The Kylie Minogue concert is just around the corner (Oct. 4th) and I really want to look my best! So I'm gonna try out a few looks, post the ones that I like on here, so that when the day comes I'll already have a "face" plan.

And, boy, do I need a plan when it comes to some things.

Okay heres the backstory: The last concert i went to, John Legend, I was soooo scatterbrained that day, that i really ended up looking like crap! With the fact that I was soo excited to see him perform, add that the time I got out of work i had only a small time frame from when the concert was gonna start to when we had to leave the house. Also with the fact that I was gonna be close to the stage, so YES i had a crap makeup of the day, and that made me a little self-conscious. (like he was paying any attention to ME anyway... rofl)

So here's the first look:

Products used for the look.
(Sorry, no foundation, concealer, blush, ect. was used)


Zoe said...

U look super pretty with this FOTD^^

Celeste said...

Just ran across your blog and luv it! Thanks for sharing!


Ashwini said...

Oh I just love your MAC stuff! Great blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Your skin has such a dewey glow to it.